What a Costco 30th Birthday Party Looks Like


Jenna turned 30 on September 7th (remember that date for next year…), and of course we had to celebrate with Two Bulk Girls and Costco.  We turned the little shindig into Episode 12 of the podcast and catered it completely with food from the castle of Bulk.  We spent $123.65 and got Snapea Crisps, Ritz Crackers, Pace Picante Salsa, Kirkland Signature Corn Chips, Yancey’s Fancy Smoked Gouda, Old Croc Aged Cheddar, Columbus Italian Dry Salami, Kirkland Signature French Brie, Magenta Red Grapes, Kirkland Signature Prosecco and a giant sheet cake with 2 pounds of white cheesecake mousse icing.  Keep in mind–all of these items were in bulk.  I mean, there was A LOT of food.  But here is a little look at the party itself!  We actually do things sometimes!  


Birthday Girl <3
the Two Bulk Girls
Some friends!!


Kirsten did us right with the charcuterie platters!