What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?!


Ooooooooh boy.  This week’s episode is all about being scared.  If you’re like us, there’s a certain element of excitement to that.  The same chemicals in your brain that trigger excitement trigger fear under different circumstances.  When the frontal lobe knows that you’re safe–say in a haunted house or watching a scary movie–you are able to filter that into a positive rush.  Jenna and I love watching a great horror film.  This week Hereditary comes out, and we’ve been DYING to see it for months now.  You best believe we have tickets for Friday night!  (It’s funny to note however that Jenna is a complete scaredy cat when it comes to that stuff.  She claims to love it, yet she screams and hides and yes, even sometimes cries, when she’s exposed to it.)

I can’t talk about fear without mentioning our actual fears.  There’s the obvious and standard fear of spiders, enclosed spaces, heights, etc.  And then there are the deep-seeded ones.  The ones that stop us from doing things in life.  The fear of failing or being disliked.  The fear of mortality.  Whoa.  We’ve discovered that fear is almost ever-present, but if we utilize what our very first episode was about, bravery, we can KILL it.


Hereditary, an A24 film


CALM: Our most unnatural state


So Jenna and I are probably the least calm people on the planet.  We run a mile a minute and talk ten times faster.  It’s as if our blood is pumping at a higher rate than it should be…high blood pressure, anyone?  SO, this week has been important for us to sit back and as we like to say, take a mo.  This post will hopefully be the first of many that makes me sit down, write and just get out of my head by putting the words in my head OUT IN THE WILD.  Whew.  Even that was charged.  Time to calm.

Calm for us has become a savior when we remember to achieve it.  What are the things we do, you ask?  In this episode we talk a lot about ASMR, which has saved our anxiety-ridden lives.  I think you’ll be best served by this article that details what ASMR means.  It happens to feature one of our favorite ASMR-tists Maria (GentleWhispering).  We use it to calm ourselves during times of stress.  We use it to fall asleep at night.  Really, we just use it to survive now.

We talk about finding those “comfort” shows on tv that give you all the feels.

We go for walks to clear our heads and open space for creativity.  Just being outside in general is extremely beneficial.  Unless it’s hot.  Jenna hates hot.

We are HUGE advocates for daytime naps.  It actually may be a medical issue for us at this point since we can sleep for hours at a time midday, but ehhhhhhh.  We still love it.

Listening to soothing music helps calm the soul, and why not do it WHILE purging your apartment!!  A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, and we can’t have none of that.  Clean up your shit, don’t have extra shit that you don’t need/love, and voila.

Finally we’d like to promote a call to action and make you all appointments to get massages.  I mean, we can’t pay for them, but we’ll call in for you.  Just send us your credit card info.


Maria, an ASMR video creator. Photo Andre Chung/The Washington Post via Getty Images
The Now Massage, Los Angeles