GET BULKED. June 2017.

Sooooo we’ve been working hard to get at least six episodes in the can before we start releasing the hounds.  We are going crazy wanting to just shove them out of the tree like our little baby birds.  How many more animal analogies and metaphors can I use?  Maybe I’ll stop…until the cat’s out of the bag.  Gotchu.  Anyway, we have been SO JACKED to announce that our theme song has been written and recorded by an amazing punk band out of Minneapolis called Tony Peachka.  Annitsa went to the U of M in the Twin Cities, so they’re basically family.  And they came through for us.  Hard.  It’s so funny and bad-ass that we kinda have to step up to another level now.  Thanks, ladies.  Go to this site and buy their album if you want to fucking rock out.  Oh, and we’ll be officially launching June 2017.  Boom.

Tony Peachka